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Birth ROCKS is our bespoke childbirth preparation training programme, (and best-selling book by the same name) for the childbirth mentor who wants to guide parents towards most amazing day of their lives. 

Even celebrity mums such as Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud has used Birth ROCKS sessions to help her prepare for birth and talked about Birth ROCKS in her OK! Magazine pregnancy column. Our Birth ROCKS sessions invite along mum and her birth partner and go into more depth regarding birth preparation and comfort techniques that are unique to them as individuals and as a couple. We look positively but realistically at what happens on the big day and how mum and her birth partner can make childbirth an occasion to look forward to and cherish.

about the birth rocks concept

The only bespoke birth preparation programme for mum and her birth partner. Our mentor’s work with parents to work towards a positive yet realistic birth. We believe that one size does NOT fit all, and using a tool kit of hypnobirthing, natural pain relief and comfort techniques – suited exactly to mums requirements and personal coping style – we work towards the most exciting day of mums life.

Birth ROCKS mentors guide parents through pregnancy and parenthood using their specialist knowledge and techniques. We don’t ‘teach’ class room style antenatal classes, we empower parents to find out what is right for them and their baby in a fun and welcoming environment.

"Birth actually does ROCK! It doesn't have to be terrifying and painful. It can genuinely be the most exciting day of your life. I won't promise you orgasms and rainbows, but I can help you determine your coping style before birth so that you and your birth partner can choose and practice the best comfort techniques for YOU. Just as in life, one size does not fit all, you need to know and understand yourself before heading into that birthing room."
Cheryl MacDonald 

A concept created by YogaBellies founder Cheryl MacDonald and her amazing team of midwives, yoga teachers, hypnobirthers and perinatal massage therapists to produce a programme that can help you experience giving birth as the most amazing experience of your life. 

Established in 2007, Cheryl’s birthing and perinatal yoga teaching have been featured on BBC Two Dragons’ Den and also ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. Cheryl has also worked with celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (of Girls Aloud fame) and Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street), using Birth ROCKS birth preparation methods.

what are the benefits of being a registered birth rocks mentor?

  • Unlimited, ongoing access to our world-class training accredited, insurable and approved by the IICT;

  • As a Registered BRA Mentor, you can access your training materials for as long as you need to with no time limits.

  • Detailed handbooks, videos, downloads, handouts for yourself and your clients and more as part of your training package (please note all content is online you do not receive hard copies and images shown are for demonstration purposes only);

  • Pre-written set Birth ROCKS session plans and routines to get you started;

  • Approved use of the letters RBM (Registered BRA Mentor) which demonstrates your credibility as a therapist and mentor, and assures clients that you are a member of an active community of registered birth workers;

  • As an RBM you can promote your services under their YogaBellies BRA names and use the Birth ROCKS and BRA trademarks.

  • Exclusive use of BRA Marketing templates, logos, social media posts and visuals to use or to create your own marketing materials for your birth and baby business;

  • Optional Membership of our lively on-line international forum of YogaBellies teachers and mentors and therapists across the world, including midwives, doulas, birth educators, massage therapists, chiropractors and more;

  • An on-line Mentor’s book shop and clothing shop so that you can purchase BRA branded uniforms and more.

  • Benefit from our regular press appearances and brand recognition across the world-wide birth community and also celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh and Cathering Tyldsley;

  • Absolutely no pressure to hurry or complete your training or teach at any point. We understand that life happens and BRA wants to support your life choices and work around your needs.

who is this for?

BRA training is open to everyone but may be of particular interest to:

Doulas and Midwives;
Birth activists;
Baby Massage Instructors;
Pregnancy Yoga Teachers;
Breastfeeding consultants;
Sling wearing consultants;
Life coaches;
Massage Therapists
and in fact anyone who loves pregnancy, birth and babies! No experience is necessary and we will give you everything you need to become certified and work as a BRA registered or independent (under your own brand) birth and baby professional

birth rocks in the press

Cheryl’s birth mentoring and perinatal yoga teaching, have been featured on BBC Two Dragons’ Den and also ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. She has been working with pregnant and birthing women for over ten years (including Birth ROCKS sessions with celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud) and has trained extensively in antenatal education, birth hypnosis and perinatal yoga, amongst other holistic therapies.  BRA has featured in publications such as HELLO!, OK!, The Practising Midwife, The Green Parent, Juno, Mother & Baby Magazine and much more.

Take a peek at me on BBC’s Dragons’ Den or on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Holly Willoughby...

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Birth Rocks

    2. Birth ROCKS Academy Mentor

    1. Overview

    2. Unit one: Birth Rocks Mentor's Welcome

    3. Unit two: Birth Rocks Mentor Training Handbooks and Downloads

    1. Overview

    2. Unit One: The Birth rocks mission and philosophy

    3. Unit two: Fear: Why are we scared of birth?

    4. Unit three: What happens when a woman becomes scared of childbirth

    5. Unit four: Learning and coping styles and birth

    6. Unit five: Beginning the journey of self-discovery: identifying tension and coping styles

    1. Overview

    2. Unit One : Physical Birth the Female, Conception and Pregnancy

    3. Unit Two: The Pelvic Floor

    4. Unit Three: Human Reproduction

    5. Unit four: The Menstrual Cycle

    6. Unit Five: Sexual Intercourse And Implantation

    7. Unit Six: The Stages Of Pregnancy

    8. Unit Seven: The Development Of Baby In Utero

    9. Unit Eight: Infertility

    10. Unit Nine: High Risk Pregnancy

    11. Unit Ten: Pregnancy Complications: Health Problems Before Pregnancy

    12. Unit Eleven: Pregnancy Complications: Health Problems During Preganancy

    13. Unit Twelve: Infections During Pregnancy

    14. Unit Thirteen: Home v Hospital Birth

    15. Unit Fourteen: Prenatal Tests

    16. Unit Fifteen: Preparing For Hospital Birth

    17. Unit Sixteen: Preparing For a Home Birth

    18. Unit Seventeen: Signs You Can't Ignore

    19. Unit Eighteen: Physical Birth Module 1 Exam

    1. Overview

    2. Unit One: How The Body Makes Birth Easier

    3. Unit Two: The Phases Of Labour

    4. Unit Three: Variations Seen In Normal Birth

    5. Unit Four: Inducing Labour

    6. Unit Five: Managing Birthing Pain With Medical Methods Of Pain Relief

    7. Unit Six: Assisted Vaginal Birth

    8. Unit Seven: Cesarean Birth And Vbac

    9. Unit Eight: Post Partum C-Section

    10. Unit Nine: Birthing The Placenta

    11. Unit Ten: What Happens On The Big Day?

    12. Unit Eleven: Birth, Cord Clamping And Birthing The Placenta

    13. Unit Twelve: Newborn Procedures

    14. Physical Birth Module 2 Exam

    1. Overview

    2. Unit One: Meet The Baby: Bonding With Baby In Utero

    3. Unit Two: The Role Of Relaxation In Birth

    4. Unit Three: Identifying Stress And Tension

    5. Unit Four: Deep Relaxation And Self Hypnosis For Birth

    6. Unit Five: Lose Your Fears: Identify And Release

    7. Unit Six: Choosing A Birth Partner

    8. Unit Seven: Affirmations

    9. Unit Eight: Breathing For Birth

    10. Unit Nine: Creating A Birth Plan

    11. Unit Ten: Having A Natural Caesarean

    12. Unit Eleven: Birth Art: Creating A Positive Image Of Birth

About this course

  • £599.00
  • 89 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Advanced Birth Hypnosis Training

  • Advanced Hypnosis Scripts In Audio Version

    Enjoy this Free Bonus Module in Audio Version. You can frequently use this resource to keep your practice going at home or while on vacation and away from their home studio.

  • Advanced Hypnosis for Birth Manual

    Hypnosis prefers to the ability of changing thoughts and behavior patterns. It greatly involves human subconscious mind. Hypnosis experts typically use hyp- nosis on human subconscious level to develop self-esteem, get rid of addictions, as well as to be able to do what he or she thinks that they could not do.

The Birth ROCKS mentor programme covers everything you need to help guide parents on their journey towards birth. The programme is strictly accredited and is a full and comprehensive childbirth educators course. In addition to this we also provide information on teaching skills and techniques and access to our on-line forum of mentors across the world. Our sessions for parents cover three main areas and these are covered extensively in our mentor training programme, in addition to marketing and communication:

birth rocks mentoring and communication skills

Your guide to working with and mentoring parents through the pregnancy and birth journey. This module introduces you to the Birth ROCKS concept and methods and guides you personally on your journey to becoming a Certified Birth ROCKS Mentor.

marketing your birth rocks business

When you become a registered BRA Mentor, you will also have access to the BRA website’s full set of birth and baby business marketing resources including the use of our logos, registered images, flyer and poster templates and pre-made social media posts. We keep you up to date with our national campaigns and you can catch up with BRA mentors in your local area using our forums too.

physical birth

The anatomy and physiology of conception, pregnancy and birth. What happens on a physical level including normal birth, different birthing styles and locations, care providers, interventions, pain medications, special circumstances and pros and cons and recent studies on all of these aspects of birth.n.

spiritual birth

Birth in cultures around the world and in history and the ‘birth’ of fear, the role of hypnosis for pregnancy and birth, releasing your fears of labour and parenting, deep relaxation techniques including body scan mindfulness of breathing, creating your birth space, the role of the birth companion, bonding with baby in utero and birth ceremonies including a Blessingway.

active birth

Helping parents ‘actively’ prepare for pregnancy and birth including: a variety of comfort techniques for labour and birth (ranging from labour massage to accupressure), the use of props and preparing a birth plan, breathing techniques for labour and birth, turning a breach baby, nutrition during pregnancy, the role of music and noise in birth.

how is the course taught?

The course consists of a number of home study and online elements including video, audio, downloads and a reading list and exams to consolidate your learning. You can take as long as you like to complete your studies and there will be on-going support throughout the course through our teachers’ forum and through email. 

We are also offering live online training in January 2023 which you will have lifetime access to. You can complete the training on your own timescales and it can be completed in a a little as a few weeks, depending on your experience and time available. 

You will also have a reading list of books and articles, online tests to complete and videos to watch. On completion of all aspects of the programme, you will become an IICT approved ChildBirth Educator . This is a worldwide recognized qualification and is insurable as such.

You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!

what do I get as part of my training package?

When you join BRA, you will immediately gain access to all of the manuals and teaching tools you need as well. You also become a RBM Registered BRA Mentor and gain access to all of your materials from the mentor's area.

You can also join the YogaBellies family and use all of the trademarks and marketing materials, and your class listings will be immediately searchable. Everything you need is on-line, please note that no hard copy materials are provided, everything you need is online.

Study online and get your accreditation from your living room right now! 

Our world-recognized birth preparation qualification, enables you to work with expectant parents in your area as a Registered Birth ROCKS Mentor (RBRM.) 

What are you waiting for?  Start your new career today!

You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!