YogaBellies® is here for women at every pivotal time in their lives.

To offer a safe and beautiful place where they can heal and grow their bodies and minds.

Why YogaBellies®?

What makes us different?

"YogaBellies® is a global village of women supporting women. Yoga Teachers and Practitioners alike, we embrace YogaBellies® feminine yoga practices to guide our students and ourselves towards a healthier, more vibrant self.

We all need our tribe to support us through the life stages: From menstruation, through pregnancy and post-partum with baby, and then on through the stages of menopause...

We work with women at every stage using therapeutic feminine yoga practices; community and a whole lot of humility.

YogaBellies women want to move, eat right, get some sleep, socialize, look after their family, see their friends and show themselves a little bit of love... through developing their yoga practice and teaching skills.

We’re trying to juggle everything life throws at us, but still retain our sanity and find a little bit of time for some self-care. This is YogaBellies.

All women are welcome regardless of your size, colour, religious beliefs, sexuality or anything else that makes you you: YOU are welcome at YogaBellies."

Cheryl MacDonald, YogaBellies Founder

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Hi, I’m Cheryl MacDonald!

YogaBellies Founder E-RYT 500

I’m you’re average Glaswegian mum (currently living in Singapore,) but I’m also a heavily qualified Yoga Master, teacher trainer and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. 

I understand why women need yoga throughout life - and that it can benefit us as much in life as it can in class. I've practiced and I've taught women at every life stage - in fact,  over 100,000 women in the UK alone,  have come along to YogaBellies classes to balance their hormones; relieve stress; find their calm place for birth; chill with baby afterward and battle the symptoms of menopause.

Yoga is as important to women at 14 as it is 99, and over my 25 years of yoga practice, I have developed The YogaBellies Sadhana, to give women exactly what they need in a safe and therapeutic practice.

YogaBellies isn't just about pulling shapes: It's about loving yourself, on and off the yoga mat. Body positivity, Self-love, and Self-worth are all important elements of our practice .

Equally as important to me is empowering women to have a sustainable career as a yoga teacher. The main thing that yoga teacher training lacks is someone who actually has the experience of creating a successful yoga business; I have this and I want to share it with as many teachers as possible! I've personally trained and coached hundreds of YogaBellies teachers in my proven business systems and marketing practices that have made YogaBellies a global phenomenon. I've won several business awards over the years including but not only...

  • LuxLife Most Inspirational Women's Yoga Teacher 2021 
  • The Great British Entrepreneur Award 2019
  • The Scottish Edge Award for Enterprise 2013
  • Woman of the Year Award 2014
  • Mumpreneur UK Award 2012
  • 3 x What's On for Little Ones Awards 2014
  • Working Mums Top Employer Award 2015
  • Mums Club Top 100 Businesses 2012

You may also have seen me featured in:

  • The Huffington Post - talking about my yoga journey and YogaBellies® beginnings
  • As a winner of BBC Dragon's Den (watch us in the video below!) - the Dragon's loved the concept of YogaBellies®
  • Appeared on ITV's This Morning - teaching yoga to women and children at various life stages
  • All of the magazines, TV channels and publications you can see on this page, talking about yoga for women throughout life
  • Been personal yoga teacher to celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley

Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained in more female-centric holistic modalities than you could shake a big stick at including  yoga therapy, ashtanga, seasonal, restorative, vinyasa, kudalini, hormone-balanicng and more. I've also studied Tantra; hypnosis; somatic movement; naturopathy; massage; meditation and so much more. I love introducing women (ALL women) to yoga and showing them the difference that yoga can REALLY make to your life – on and off the yoga mat.

Helping women to you love themselves and live their best life is my soul purpose.

What Is The YogaBellies® Sadhana?

and why it's core to our teachings

At YogaBellies, you’ll meet like-minded women, whether you’re coming to a class or training to become a teacher with us. Our global community is filled with women like you: Women that want to feel better; have more energy; reach their goals; love themselves and enjoy life – with a little bit of humour along the way.

The YogaBellies Sadhana (practice) is based around 5 elements: Sense, Breathe, Move, Sleep and Circle and we embrace all of these things in our yoga practice, on and off the mat. Let me talk you through it...

Sense is about becoming mindful: Where are we at right now? What’s going on for us internally and in the environment around us? Becoming aware in all aspects of life.

Breathe is when we bring our attention to the breath and our yogic breathing (pranayama) practices. Not just during class, but learning to use the breath to find calm in everyday life too.

Move is our Asana (posture) practice or what happens on the yoga mat. This is the mindful use of 29 specifically chosen female-centric yoga postures to help you de-stress; tone and balance all aspects of your life, adapted for your life stage.

Sleep is where we learn to relax deeply and completely, often during Savasana (where you get to sleep) at the end of class. We combine yoga nidra and self-hypnosis to induce the deepest levels.

Circle is the part of yoga that’s often forgotten: The community. We believe that Sangha (community) is absolutely for essential at every life stage: Women need a safe space to share, support each other and embrace the physical and emotional transitions they’re experiencing.

The Sadhana is the foundation of all things YogaBellies.

Our Core YogaBellies Teacher Trainings

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