Only 2 Places Available for this Offer Left!

Hey ladies! I’m now taking bookings for next year girls only retreat at the beautiful Origin resort in Uluwatu Bali - right next to my new house yay! 

Next year's theme is going to be Healing and Happiness - so a mixture of women’s healing circles, a session with a guest healing breathwork practitioner, and a daily feminine yoga practice, to help us on a week-long journey of rejuvenation and empowerment. This will be teamed with the opportunity to go surfing at the gorgeous nearby beach (5 mins); check out the nature spa; go on an outing to a famous Balinese temple and traditional kecak dance, as well as a fun trip to my favourite bali beach club, el kabron, for some sunshine therapy and cocktails/mocktails! 

As always, every session and activity on my retreats are completely optional, so you can take exactly what you need from the experience. 

Origin offers luxurious, ensuite 1-bed, and 1 and 2-bed air-conditioned private pool tent villas and the resort is gorgeous, shiny, and new. All rooms have double beds. It has the most beautiful, unique yoga shala, where all of our sessions will be held. Breakfast is included and my driver can collect you from Denpasar airport on request. 

Bingin is a lively yoga and surf town and Origin is seconds from many organic restaurants, gyms, yoga studios and fabulous clothes shops and more. This is my absolute favourite place in Bali - which is why I’ve bought a house there! 😂💗🙏🏼 

I will be offering only 🌟2 more people🌟 the opportunity to secure their place for a deposit of £100pp by the end of November 2023. They will also get a 15% discount on the remaining cost of the retreat. Pay the deposit now and then 8 installments starting Feb 2024! Villa prices start at £847 (with discount applied.) DM me now for the full villa prices and get the discount code to book your place now. This is the only discount code I’m making available peeps so if you’re coming along, get one of these 5 codes!!

Time To Heal and Be Happy

What's It All About?

Nestled in the enchanting landscape of Bali, our 2024 retreat is a week-long sojourn designed to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Hosted by Cheryl, an experienced yoga master, women's wellness guru and counsellor, this retreat artfully blends the timeless teachings of yoga with contemporary mindfulness practices to align you with your deepest self.

A Journey To Your Self

Each day of our Bali retreat is thoughtfully curated around inspiring themes like "Embracing Your Inner Goddess," "Nurturing Serenity," and "Awakening Your Joy." These themes are the guiding stars for our daily yoga sessions, soulful oracle card readings, and immersive meditations, creating a comprehensive approach to wellness that touches both mind and body.

All-Encompassing Wellness

We've meticulously crafted every detail to cater to your wellness needs. Enjoy wholesome, energizing meals, a complimentary Balinese massage, and a wellness kit brimming with essentials. This includes your retreat workbook,  copies of Cheryl's acclaimed YogaPause book and Unleash Your Radiant Life Journal, an oracle deck, and exclusive access to Cheryl's online Pleasure Principles course.

The Takeaway

Leaving Bali, you'll feel more connected, revitalized, and authentic than ever. This isn't just a week away from your everyday life; it's a profound journey that arms you with life-enhancing tools, preparing you to thrive in your exciting life chapters ahead.

Ready to transform your life in the magical setting of Bali? Book your spot now for a week of discovery, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences. Let’s make this retreat a journey that will echo in your heart for years to come.

What Happens On Retreat?

Picture this... 

Your morning begins with the warm Balinese sun gently coaxing you awake. You step out of your cozy villa, maybe taking a dip in your own private pool embraced by the tropical breeze, and breathe in the fresh, balmy air. The day kicks off with our invigorating REVIVE Sunrise Yoga, Oracle Readings and Intention Setting with me and our lovely group, in the stunning Origin yoga shala.

It's All About You...

Post-yoga, we gather for a scrumptious breakfast, savoring each bite with the day stretching out before us. Then, the day is deliciously yours. Fancy another yoga session? Or perhaps a swim in the glittering sea? If you're feeling adventurous, Bali's vibrant markets, enchanting temples, and lush landscapes are calling. You could try surfing, explore the local wellness scene, or just chill with a good book under the sun. And don't worry, there's always someone to share the fun with, or you can bask in some peaceful solo time – it's all about what you need. 

We'll be exploring the themes of Healing and Happiness - because this is something we all need as women: To heal from the things that have hurt us in the past and held us back and to uncover what happiness means to us and begin the journey to that destination.

 As evening falls and the sky dances with colors, our RESTORE Sunset Yoga and Reflections session awaits. This is followed by a heartwarming gratitude meditation, journaling, women's circles, and a chance to reflect on our day's journey. Post-sunset, the evening is yours to relish – whether it's dining out, tasting Bali's culinary wonders, or maybe even a cheeky cocktail at a beach club.

This is just a snippet of the bliss that awaits you at the YogaBellies Bali Retreat in 2024. With daily yoga, opportunities for self-reflection, watersports, cultural excursions, and pampering spa treatments, you're in for an experience that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Ready for a Tranquil Escape? 

Led by yours truly, Cheryl MacDonald, the founder of YogaBellies, this Bali retreat is the perfect getaway for you amazing women to unwind, have fun, and focus on yourselves. But it's not just about relaxation; I'll be guiding you through unique yoga practices that will stay with you long after the retreat, enriching your daily life.

So, what's holding you back? Join us in Bali for an unforgettable retreat, where fun, relaxation, and self-discovery come together in perfect harmony. Book now to take advantage of early bird pricing and embark on a journey to discover your best self!

Is The Happiness and Healing Retreat Right For You?

More Than Just a Retreat

Wave goodbye to the idea of a retreat filled with empty buzzwords and yoga jargon that feels out of reach. BALI HEALING & HAPPINESS RETREAT 2024 is for those who crave a blend of soulful relaxation and practical life skills. You're not just signing up for a retreat; you're embarking on a journey that will leave you with a rejuvenated spirit and a refreshed perspective on life.

Meet Your Tribe (And Me, of Course!)

All are welcome here, from the seasoned yogis to those who might wonder what a 'sun salutation' actually involves.  BALI HEALING & HAPPINESS is about the energy and the connection, not your yoga resume. Imagine a group of amazing women, united by a love for yoga, but always ready for an evening unwind with a glass of wine under the Balinese sky.

In Need of a Break?

If you're toeing the line of burnout or constantly finding yourself in an 'I'm over it' mood, consider this your sign. Join us in BALI HEALING & HAPPINESS RETREAT 2024 to shed the stress, turn off the notifications, and remember what it feels like to truly relax and be present in the moment.

What's On the Agenda?

We'll be doing more than just mastering yoga poses. Picture yourself in the enchanting Balinese setting, engaging in meditation sessions, oracle readings, self-reflection, enjoying the sea and spa, and yes – if the mood strikes – a cheeky cocktail by the beach (no guilt here, just joy!).

So, if you're up for a week that feels like a heartwarming gathering with friends, filled with laughter, learning, and self-discovery, then BALI HEALING & HAPPINESS RETREAT 2024 is calling your name. Come for the yoga, stay for a life-changing experience.

Feeling the Bali magic calling? Join us for a retreat that promises to be much more than just a getaway.

Meet Cheryl

Hey there, Lovely Ladies!

I'm Cheryl, and trust me when I say, I get it. The never-ending to-do lists, the work-life 'balance' (if we can even call it that), and the daily hustle that has you feeling more drained than a decade-old battery. Yep, I've been there too. 

I've spent more than 20 years teaching yoga and empowering women through YogaBellies. We're talking over 100,000 women across the globe—mums, career women, and fabulous females from all walks of life. I've been featured on TV and in all those shiny publications you might've seen, but let's keep it real; I'm not just some "wellness guru." I'm a woman who's lived through the chaos and found solace—and incredible energy—in the practice of yoga. 

You see, yoga offers us women something extra special, something that goes way beyond a sweaty gym session. It's a soul-soothing, life-changing practice that touches every aspect of our lives—from the way we handle stress to how we feel in our own skin. I practice what I preach, and what I preach is balance. Think Yin and Yang; Netflix and Nirvana; big beats and tranquil breaths. 

I'm on a mission to stop you from bending over backward—literally and metaphorically—to meet everyone's expectations but your own. Forget trying to tie yourself into impossible knots; life's too short for that. Instead, let's focus on what you really need. Whether that's rekindling your inner spark, finding a sense of peace, or even just learning how to breathe deeply again. 

I've spent years exploring how to help women like you live a life full of passion, laughter, and oh-so-much energy. Ready to feel fantastic in your own skin and unleash that inner goddess?


One Bedroom

Where luxury meets the beauty and simplicity of nature, the one bedroom tent houses an airconditioned bedroom flanked by an open-air living room and bathroom, complete with Origin Collection’s signature amenities and a soaking tub set within ... 180m2 | 1 King Sized Bed | TV |Wi-Fi | Shower | Bathtub | Garden


One Bedroom

A truly beautiful setting within a landscaped tropical garden, the one bedroom pool tent features Origin Uluwatu’s bespoke tent perched by your very own private pool. The air-conditioned bedroom overlooks the pool and gardens and can be opened up to take advantage of the breeze. The tent also includes an open-air living and dining area as well as a bathroom that offers a shaded outdoor bathtub set amidst lush greenery. 180m2 | 1 King Sized Bed | TV |Wi-Fi | Shower | Bathtub | Garden | Private Pool


Two Bedroom/3 beds

The perfect escape to nature for a family or group of friends, the two-bedroom pool tent offers an unparalleled level of comfort for those wanting to connect with the outdoors. ​ With an airconditioned master bedroom set within... 270m2 | 1 King Sized Bed | Twin Beds | TV |Wi-Fi | Shower | Bathtub | Garden | Private Pool

Villa Tent Options

Choose villa options for 1, 2 or 3 people with or without private pool. Pay deposit now and installments start in Feb 2024. Total price before discount shown in brackets)

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    1 bed villa deposit (£997)

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    1 bed pool villa (£1197) 149x8

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    3b pool villa (£2497)

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    2b pool villa (£1599)

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    1 bed pool villa (£1097)

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