Yoga CEO Mindset: Taking Your Yoga Business To The Next Level

7th June at 10am GMT/6pm SGT


Yoga Business CEO Mindset:
How to Identify and Clear All the Fears & Blocks Holding You Back from Reaching Your Next Level 

In this game-changing training, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for identifying & releasing what’s holding you back as a yoga business owner, so you can finally start running your business like a full-fledged Yoga CEO.

You’ll learn how to:

✓  Stop thinking like an employee and make your Yoga Biz CEO mindset priority #1

✓  Get real about what specific fears & doubts are stopping you from being a vision-driven yoga guru

✓  Go through a fear-busting process that will help you clear & heal these doubts (once and for all!)

✓  Start crushing your goals and taking small-yet-powerful actions that will break down even the deepest-seated fears!

When we’re done, you’ll have a go-to technique in your back pocket that you can use to move through any fear that comes up as you step into your role as a CEO (or continue to grow as a Yoga Biz CEO–there’s always new territory to explore, which means there’s always the potential for new fears to show up!).

This work will dramatically change your yoga business and life.

Just imagine for a minute…

✓  Letting go of the day-to-day tasks you dislike and assigning them to a rockstar team with confidence, so you can focus on building the future of your company

✓  Hiring and outsourcing without fear (or your ego that tells you “nobody can do it like me”) getting in the way

✓  Letting issues that used to rock your whole day–whether that’s a passive aggressive comment on your social media or an email that went out to your list with the wrong subject line–roll off your back like no big deal

✓ Emotionally (and physically!) disconnecting from your work, so you stop taking everything in your yoga business personally (and can actually step away from your company for a dreamy yoga retreat, to boot)

✓  Taking regular time outs to work ON your yoga business instead of FOR your business, so you can build and scale your yoga business instead of just keeping it afloat 

✓  Feeling confident in your power and vision as a leader and embodying your values in everything you do, from how you show up on a Facebook Live to how you interact with clients when your teaching yoga… and, so much more!

Here’s the deal:
You already have everything you need to become a Rockstar Yoga CEO on par with the best yoga teachers in the world. (And you don’t even have to start waking up at 5 a.m. or taking cold showers to make it happen–unless you want to!)

All you have to do is be willing to take a good, honest look at what is holding you back.

Yes, becoming a wildly successful CEO requires a major mindset shift in how you think about yourself and your yoga business.

But the good is that while your mind is a ridiculously powerful thing–it’s also super malleable.

This training will teach you a literally mind-changing process you can follow anytime you encounter a fear, so you can identify it, feel it and heal it, faster.

(And when you heal your fears faster, you’ll also start to see the results you want faster, too–whether that’s a superstar team, a higher bank balance or a new yoga class or product launch. #bonus)

Ready for all that? 

Then join me for this epic training & let me teach you how to identify and clear any fears stopping you from being not just a boss, but THE boss.

You don’t have to do it alone.

See you on the inside!



Are you ready to kiss the fears keeping you from stepping into the role of a successful Yoga Business CEO goodbye?

Let’s just get right into it. If right now you’re…

– Stuck in the day-to-day minutiae of running your business (read: sending way-too-many invoices, managing a gnarly inbox & fixing tech snafus left & right)

– Feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate, from client work to the marketing (who knew a 30-second Tiktok video could take so. long. to make?)

– Not outsourcing or handing off tasks that allow you to stay in your Zone of Yoga Teaching Genius

– Just doing your best to get through each day without a meltdown, rather than focusing on projects that will move your business forward

– Viewing your yoga business as your whole source of identity and therefore taking everything personally

– Implementing old ideas vs. brainstorming new ideas (which is–let’s be honest–your favourite thing to do!)

– Allowing any & everything to affect how you show up in your business, doubting your decisions, wondering if you’re “worth it” and negatively comparing yourself to every shiny yoga teacher out there with a filtered selfie and a post about their latest 6-figure launch and brand new book deal (which seems to be every single one of them!)

Then I’ve got some not-so-great news: You might be running a yoga business, but you’re not operating like a Yoga Business CEO.

No wonder your business feels like it’s running you, instead of the other way around!

About Your Host

Cheryl MacDonald (@yogabellies @cherylyogabellies)

I'm hosting this free webinar because I believe that women need a yoga practice distinct of that from men, to guide them through the key life stages: All the way from menstruation, through pregnancy to post-menopause. We all deserve to have yoga in our lives and we need to be deriving all of those benefits that only women can.

Over my 25 years of yoga practice, I have learned what that practice is and want to share it with you. 

I'm a 500 E-RPYT; the author of 8 best-selling books about yoga and birth and have trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the YogaBellies® style over the past 12 years. I'm the founder of YogaBellies® – a unique style of yoga created specifically for women, making use of the yogic practices best suited to support us through the emotional, physical and psychological changes we experience.

I've also been featured in:

  • The Huffington Post - talking about my yoga journey and YogaBellies® beginnings
  • As a winner of BBC Dragon's Den - the Dragon's loved the concept of YogaBellies®
  • Appeared on ITV's This Morning - teaching yoga to women and children at various life stages
  • All of the magazines and publications you can see above, talk about yoga for women throughout life
  • Been personal yoga teacher to celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley

Start taking your yoga practice and teaching to the next level. I hope you can join me!