Who is this for?

  • You want to know how to kick start a successful niche yoga business but have no idea where to start

  • You're already a yoga teacher, but you want to specialise in a specific niche 

  • You're thinking about becoming a yoga teacher and want to learn why Certified YogaBellies Teacher Training  is different

  • You already work with women in a holistic or therapeutic area (maybe you're a doula, naturopath or pilates teacher?) and want to offer them more

  • You want to know more about the incredible ways that yoga can help your female clients during the key life stages

During this live webinar, you will discover 

10 things you can do right now, to kick off and grow your Niche Yoga Business;

Why teaching yoga for women is the perfect niche to be working in to create and grow a sustainable and successful yoga business that you love;

The important benefits that the right yoga practice can give to women and why you need specialist training to provide therapeutic  yoga for the key life stages;

Why women are turning to yoga more than ever now and why it's the fastest-growing yoga niche;

The support and experience that you will need to establish and grow your womens yoga business long-term

About Your Host

Cheryl MacDonald (@yogabellies)

I'm hosting this free webinar, because as the founder of YogaBellies, I understand why yoga is important to women during pregnancy: But not just ANY yoga practice. I've seen over 100,000 women in the UK alone, come along to our YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes and understand how best to work therapeutically with women during the perinatal period, and how to create and grow a thriving yoga business.

Over my 25 years of yoga practice, I have learned what that practice is and want to share it with you. 

I'm a 500 E-RPYT and have trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the YogaBellies® style of pregnancy yoga over the past 15 years. YogaBellies® is a unique style of yoga that I created specifically for women, making use of the yogic practices best suited to support us through the emotional, physical and psychological changes we experience - not just during pregnancy, just custom created for each of our female life stages.

I've also been featured in:

  • The Huffington Post - talking about my yoga journey and YogaBellies® beginnings
  • As a winner of BBC Dragon's Den - the Dragon's loved the concept of YogaBellies®
  • Appeared on ITV's This Morning - teaching yoga to women and children at various life stages
  • All of the magazines, TV channels and publications you can see on this page, talking about yoga for women throughout life
  • Been personal yoga teacher to celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Fearne Cotton and Catherine Tyldsley

Start taking your teaching and business to the next level. I hope you can join me!

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