What Is YogaBellies for Pregnancy at Home Programme?

"I started YogaBellies to make women feel better about themselves: Mind, body and soul. That’s not just about what you do on the yoga mat: Health and wellness are so closely linked to mindset and what we put into our bodies, especially during pregnancy. 

This home-based yoga, nutrition and self-care programme, allows you to take your YogaBellies practice off the mat and into your daily life for optimal pregnancy wellness.

The YogaBellies Whole Pregnancy programme will take you through each stage of pregnancy offering yoga practices, breathing techniques, meal plans and recipes as well as meditations and natural prenatal self-care. Enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for a peaceful with birth, with this collection of the best YogaBellies resources for pregnancy. This programme works well alone or in conjunction with your regular YogaBellies classes."

Cheryl MacDonald, YogaBellies founder


Keep Reading If You Want:

  • To stay fit, healthy and emotionally balanced throughout pregnancy and learn to love your changing body and lifestyle.
  • To maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy and how to lose it again after birth, in a healthy way
  • To know exactly what to eat and when for each trimester and be provided with a straightforward guide to foods, supplements, hormones, nourishment and lifestyle choices for pregnancy
  • To start and maintain a pregnancy yoga and meditation practice for every stage of pregnancy
  • To overcome pregnancy ailments such as sciatica, nausea, insomnia, cravings and more using yoga, meditation and nutrition
  • To know what to expect through each trimester, what changes to expect and the best natural techniques for physical and emotional wellness
  • To prepare for birth and post-partum, body, mind and soul
  • Meet other like-minded mums and get advice in the YogaBellies Bump and Baby forum


What You're Getting:

  • My Video Overview of the Whole Pregnancy to make sure you get the very best from the programme. You'll also Receive Support Emails to kick off your journey, providing additional information, homework and action points to keep you motivated (value £50)
  • Split into 3 trimesters - plus a bonus 4th trimester! All of your resources are neatly divided per trimester so you can just nip in and take what you need, including meal plans, meditations, yoga practices and trimester-specific focus topics.
  • My Complete Guide to YogaBellies for Pregnancy: My best-selling pregnancy yoga DVD download and 13 other easy-reference routines for each trimester created by me, and even pregnancy yoga sequences for ailments like back pain and sciatica! 
  • You also get a downloadable copy of Cheryl's 3 best-selling pregnancy and birth books: YogaBellies for Pregnancy and the Pregnancy Journal and Birth ROCKS: Realistic Hypnobirthing and natural birth preparation (value £200)
  • My Guide to Meditation during Pregnancy (including YogaBellies Beginners Guide to Meditation 40 page e-book) plus, 3 x Audio Meditations, one for each trimester, to help you relax and destress throughout pregnancy and prepare for birth; (value £70)
  • Custom-Created Pregnancy Recipe Books, 9 Months of Suggested Meal Plans + Shopping Lists: I’ve provided you with everything you need to save you a ton of time and make meal planning and grocery shopping a snap for each trimester - planned out week by week! A choice of over 85 tasty and nutritious Omnivore or Vegetarian chef-created recipes; (value £200)
  • The YogaBellies Whole Pregnancy Hormone Guides and Food Diary: I highly suggest recording your foods + moods so you can see what’s working for your unique body. I've included my Pregnancy Quiz to determine if you're currently suffering any hormonal imbalances and several guides on balancing your hormones and quelling those crazy mood swings through pregnancy, including my guide to the thyroid in pregnancy, (value £200)
  • Individual Guides to What’s Happening in Each Trimester, with wellness and nutrition tips, including an additional bumper manual, on how to stay wholly nourished and how to make the most of superfoods, probiotics and supplements. I've also included my guide to Natural Remedies for the most common pregnancy ailments, from haemorrhoids to stretch marks! (value £150)
  • Pregnancy Lifestyle, Health and Self-Care: Everything you need to have a natural pregnancy and holistic birth including Ayurveda for pregnancy, natural remedies for common conditions and advice on pregnancy life (value £150)
  • YogaBellies Guide to a Beautiful Birth: How best to prepare the birth canal, everything you need for the perfect labour and birth, essential oils, how to stay nourished, and how to recover quickly. Also included Baby Prep 101 to start preparing for after baby arrives (value £50)
  • Access to the Exclusive YogaBellies for Pregnancy Bump and Baby support group online, to meet other like-minded mums and share the YogaBellies love! (value £100)


You also get:

  • 3 of Cheryl’s best selling books and journals in PDF download format:
  • YogaBellies for Pregnancy Book and the YogaBellies for Pregnancy Journal;
  • The best-selling birth preparation book Birth ROCKS with updated sections including the Birth ROCKS parents birth plan manual;
  • The high rating YogaBellies for Pregnancy DVD in downloadable MP4 format: Play it on your phone, iPad, TV, laptop and more. This blockbuster pregnancy yoga video, will help you practice at home either on its own or to accompany your YogaBelliesLIVE classes;
  • Map Out Your Postpartum Care Plan: Get ready for immediately after baby with this new mama essentials plan
  • 4 x Bonus Pregnancy Meditations MP3’s to encourage a peaceful and positive pregnancy;
  • 4 x Bonus Birth ROCKS Hypnosis MP3’s to help you prepare for birth

Pregnancy Meditations included:

  1. Gratitude in Pregnancy
  2. Being Present in Pregnancy
  3. Connection during Pregnancy
  4. The Art of Self-Love

Birth ROCKS Hypnobirthing Tracks included:

  1. Release Your Fears of Childbirth
  2. Relief from Morning Sickness
  3. Relief from Post-Natal Depression
  4. Baby Bonding


When I purchase The YogaBellies Whole Pregnancy, how will it be delivered to me?

The whole pregnancy programme is now in online course format, so you can access everything from your phone, iPad, etc immediately - but also have the option to download or print what you need. You have lifetime access to the programme too! You will also receive ongoing support emails with videos, ideas for working with the course material and homework.

Programme Overview

    1. Your Complete Guide to The Whole Pregnancy (video)

    2. YogaBellies Guide to Your Whole Pregnancy

    3. Your YogaBellies for Pregnancy Whole Pregnancy Workbook

    1. Pregnancy Yoga: Dispelling Myths and What You Need to Know

    2. Your Complete Guide To Getting Started With a Pregnancy Yoga Practice

    3. Getting Started with Pregnancy Yoga (videos)

    4. Tips for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Space

    5. Practising Yoga at Home during Pregnancy - Is it safe?

    6. How To Maintain A Daily Yoga Practice (video)

    7. YogaBellies Guide to Meditation for Women

    1. YogaBellies for Pregnancy The Full DVD Routine (video)

    2. Yoga for Sciatica Routine (video)

    3. Yoga for Pelvic Girdle Pain (video)

    4. YogaBellies Breathing Practices for Pregnancy and Birth (videos)

    5. YogaBellies Pregnancy Yoga Sequences Cheat Sheets: 12 extra sequences

    1. Getting Started With Your Pregnancy Nutrition

    2. Your Pregnancy Food Diary

    3. Your YogaBellies for Pregnancy Recipe Book (Omnivore)

    4. Smoothie Basics for Busy Women (video)

    1. An Overview of The Trimesters of Pregnancy (video)

    2. Welcome to the First Trimester

    3. Your Guide to the First Trimester Handbook

    4. Can I Practice Yoga In The First Trimester?

    5. Food Cravings During Pregnancy

    6. Don't Forget Your Vitamins!

    7. Nutrients That Play a Key Role in Pregnancy

    8. Importance of Digestion in Pregnancy and Ayurvedic Tips for Morning Sickness

    9. Ayurvedic Pampering for Pregnancy (video)

    10. Pregnancy Meditation for the First Trimster: Connection

    1. Weeks 5 and 6 Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

    2. Weeks 7 and 8 Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

    3. Weeks 9 and 10 Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

    4. Weeks 11 and 12 Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

About this course

  • £97.00
  • 94 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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