Who Is This For?

  • Prepare for EMPOWER YTT

    Perfect for those who wish to undertake EMPOWER teacher training who don't currently teach yoga

  • Refresh The Basics

    For yoga teachers who want to refresh the basic yoga teaching principles or bridge their knowledge gap before beginning 300-hour training

  • Deepen Your Yoga Knowledge

    Perfect for dedicated students who wish to deepen their knowledge of all things yoga outside of the classroom or to prepare for beginning a 200-hour yoga teacher course

What's Including in this Training?

This 50-hour training is perfect for those embarking on a yoga teacher training course, without previous experience of teaching yoga

  • Yoga basics including: History, Philosophy, Techniques and Teaching Arts and Anatomy

  • 600-page self-assessment workbook and answer guide to test your yoga teaching knowledge

  • A compete Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Handbook

  • Recorded lectures, videos and audio to help you understand the fundamentals of teaching yoga

  • Yoga Teaching Cheat Sheets for quick reference

  • A comprehensive guide to Asana, perfect for your yoga teaching foundation

Course curriculum

    1. Yoga Teaching Foundations Intentions

    2. Table of Contents & Mind Map

    1. Practice vs. Knowledge

    1. Roots of Yoga

    2. An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

    3. Branches of Yoga

    4. Branches of Yoga Slideshow

    5. The 8 Limbs of Yoga

    6. Sanskrit Introduction

    7. The Subtle Body

    8. Introduction to The Chakras

    9. The Kohsas (Layers of the Mind)

    10. Videos

    1. Tips for Studying & Teaching Anatomy

    2. YogaBellies Anatomy & Physiology Handbook

    3. Anatomy & Physiology Coloring Book

    1. Student Autonomy & Safety

    2. Injuries & Conditions in Yoga

    1. Teaching Foundations Overview

    2. Teaching Ethics

    3. Creating a Safe Space: Fundamentals

    4. Sacred Space, Ritual & “Holding Space”

    5. Class and Studio Logistics

    6. Defining and Teaching Alignment

    7. Teaching Beginners

    8. Teaching Mixed Level Classes

About this course

  • £299.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content