YogaBellies Pregnancy Book Bundle: Your Companion from Bump to Birth

Embrace the Beauty of Pregnancy with Our Comprehensive Bundle - A Must-Have for Every Expectant Mother

Welcome to the YogaBellies Pregnancy Book Bundle, your all-in-one guide to a joyous and healthy pregnancy journey. Priced at £55 in bookshops, this bundle is an invaluable resource, encompassing everything from prenatal yoga to nourishing recipes, ensuring you're well-equipped for this beautiful chapter of your life.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

  1. YogaBellies for Pregnancy:

    • Dive into safe and nurturing yoga practices tailored for pregnancy. This guide provides trimester-specific yoga routines, ensuring you stay flexible, strong, and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Birth ROCKS:

    • A holistic approach to childbirth preparation. This book offers insights and techniques to empower you and make your birthing experience as positive and memorable as possible.
  3. Pregnancy Yoga Journal:

    • Document your yoga journey with this beautifully designed journal. Track your practice, reflect on your experiences, and watch your progress as you connect deeply with your growing baby.
  4. YogaBellies Pregnancy Recipe Book:

    • Nourish yourself and your baby with our collection of wholesome recipes. Packed with nutritious and delicious meal ideas, this book is a treasure for any expectant mother looking to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy.

How Does It Work?

Digital Ease and Accessibility:

  • Upon purchase, you’ll gain instant access to the entire bundle through the Thinkific platform. Read and revisit these books anytime, anywhere, either via any web browser or through the convenient Thinkific app on your phone.
  • 18 Months of Empowering Knowledge:

    • You'll have 18 months of unlimited access to this bundle, allowing you to refer back to the information and practices as your pregnancy progresses.
  • No Physical Hassle:

    • Embrace the digital format for an eco-friendly, clutter-free experience. Please note, these are e-book products and cannot be printed or shared, as they are protected by copyright.

Why Choose the YogaBellies Pregnancy Book Bundle?

  • Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips:

    • Created by Cheryl Kennedy MacDonald, a renowned yoga master and women's wellness advocate, this bundle provides reliable, well-researched information and practices.
  • Tailored for Every Stage of Pregnancy:

    • From early pregnancy to preparing for birth, each book is designed to support you physically, emotionally, and nutritionally.
  • A Gift of Health and Well-being:

    • This bundle makes a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one expecting a baby, offering a holistic approach to pregnancy wellness.

Begin Your Beautiful Journey Today

Invest in the YogaBellies Pregnancy Book Bundle and turn your pregnancy into a period of growth, health, and profound joy. Embrace this special time with confidence and love, supported by our expert guidance every step of the way.

Purchase Now and Embrace a Healthy, Joyful Pregnancy!

What's In This Book Bundle?

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    3. Prefer Hard Copies of Our Books?

    1. YogaBellies for Pregnancy Book

    2. YogaBellies Pregnancy Journal

    3. Birth ROCKS Book and Parents Journal

    4. YogaBellies Pregnancy Recipe Book

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