Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Using the YogaBellies App To Access Your Courses and Classes

    3. Fix Your Period Webinar with Cheryl

    1. Menstruating

    2. Pregnancy

    3. Post-Partum

    4. Perimenopause

    5. Post-Menopause

    1. Is Aligning Your Menstrual Cycle with the Lunar Cycle Helpful? The Truth Behind the Myth

    2. Which Moon Do You Menstruate On and What Does It Mean?

    3. Syncing Your Menstrual Cycle With The Moon Guidebook

    4. Moon Calendars

    5. Moon Manifesting Journal

    6. Moon Manifesting Workbook

    7. Yoga and Ayurveda for the Menstrual Cycle

    8. More Moon Resources

    1. The New Moon: Looking Inward

    2. Embracing the Wise Woman Archetype

    3. Bed Yoga Flow for The New Moon

    4. MEDITATION 🌑10-Minute New Moon Meditation / Guided Meditation for Menstrual Phase

    5. MEDITATION for New Moon

    6. New Moon Ritual and Setting Up Your Altar

    7. New Moon Tarot Spread

    8. Nourishment and The New Moon

    9. Meal Plans for Menstruation

    10. Self-Care for the New Moon

    11. Skincare during Menstruation

    12. New Moon Manifestation Workbook

    13. YOGA and Self-Care During Menstruation

    1. The Waxing Moon and the Follicular Phase: Renergizing

    2. Embracing The Maiden Archetype During The Waxing Moon

    3. A Waxing Moon Yoga Practice

    4. Waxing Moon Meditation: Focusing by connecting to the body

    5. Waxing Moon Ritual and Preparing Your Altar

    6. Nourishment and the Waxing Moon

    7. Meal Plans for the Follicular Phase

    8. Self-Care for the Waxing Moon

    9. Skincare for the Follicular Phase

    10. Journal Prompts for the Waxing Moon

    1. The Full Moon and Ovulation: Express Yourself

    2. The Mother Archetype and The Full Moon

    3. Heart Opening Full Moon Yoga Practice

    4. MEDITATION for Full Moon

    5. Full Moon Ritual and Preparing Your Altar

    6. Nourishment and The Full Moon

    7. Meal Plans for Ovulation

    8. Self-Care for the Full Moon

    9. Skincare for Ovulation

    10. Full Moon Manifestation Workbook

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