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YogaPause live online classes are designed to support women over 40 through the stages of menopause.

Stay Fit, Flexible and Fabulous After 40!



Led by YogaBellies Founder and the Creator of YogaPause, Cheryl,  these classes offer a comprehensive approach to managing menopause symptoms through key practices and techniques, including yoga asanas, breathwork, and meditation. 

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, our classes provide a supportive community for women to share their experiences and connect with others going through similar journeys.

Can't make a class? No problem! You will have access to ALL of the recorded classes as long as you are subscribed!

Our YogaPause classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience and focus on weight-bearing postures, with an emphasis on flexibility, building strength and stamina. At the end of each session, we take time to SLEEP to help with relaxation, stress reduction, and restful sleep. These classes are ideal for women who are experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, and other common menopausal symptoms.  These classes are designed for all women who want to maintain their physical fitness, energy levels and sanity as they navigate menopause.

Whether you're looking for a yoga practice to soothe your body and mind or a more intense workout to keep you strong and energized, our YogaPause classes have got you covered. And with our live online classes and recordings, you can practice at your own pace and on your own schedule. Join our community of women over 40 and take the first step towards managing menopause with grace and ease.


EVERY SUNDAY AT 12PM BST/7PM SGT and EVERY TUESDAY AT 8PM BST/3AM SGT. All live classes are recorded and made available to subscribers. 

For one subscription you get access to BOTH classes!

A Message from Cheryl

So many of you from across the world have reached out and told me you'd love to come to a YogaPause class... but there's no teacher nearby: So I'm going to be hosting live online classes, just for you!

Are you looking for a refreshing and healthy addition to your routine? I will personally guide you through practices that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

My YogaPause classes are suitable for ALL levels of Yoga experience - even if you're a complete newbie! I keep the classes small so that you can get plenty of one-to-one attention.

When you sign up, you'll get access to live, interactive online classes led by me personally, so you can ask me questions and get personal assistance during the classes. Plus, you can catch up with all the recordings later if the timing doesn't work for you. And you'll be part of our online YogaPause community, where you can connect with other like-minded women and discuss your progress and shared experiences and get tons of extra 40+ lady resources.
There's no obligation to continue your subscription, so you can check the classes out without any pressure.

I understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for women, especially during transitions like menopause. So, I designed these classes to help you find balance and motivation in your life and relief from the symptoms of no longer being 21!  

Don't miss this opportunity to join my YogaPause community and start your wellness journey today!

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to practice yoga with you soon!

Cheryl xo


YogaBellies Founder, Master Yoga Teacher Cheryl MacDonald

I am a Yoga Master and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained in more female-centric holistic modalities than you could shake a big stick at including yoga; tantra; hypnosis; somatic movement; naturopathy; massage; meditation and so much more. I love introducing women (ALL women) to yoga and showing them the difference that yoga can REALLY make to your life – on and off the yoga mat. YogaBellies is a whole-life approach to wellness for women: Yoga practices, breathing techniques, mindfulness, shadow work, self-improvement and nutrition. Helping women to love themselves and live their best life is my soul purpose.

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