become a baby rocks parent craft mentor

Baby ROCKS is our parent craft class which will guide parents gently along the path to parenthood.  The sessions provide parents with knowledge and aims to improve the wellbeing and confidence of both parents following the birth of their gorgeous new baby.  

Baby ROCKS was created by Nicola Bradley a registered midwife and nurse who is also a mum of three.  Through her experience of working with parents-to-be and guiding them on their journey to their baby’s birth it became apparent that once they had “the whole birth thing sorted” they were seeking information about providing the basic care needs for their newborn and what to expect in the postnatal period.  And so Baby ROCKS was born!

How can baby rocks be offered to parents?

  • It is suitable as a stand-alone course or as an add on to the Birth ROCKS programme.

  • It can be taught one-to-one or in a group setting

  • The course can be provided in the parent’s home or suitable venue

  • Information given to parents will be given over a 3-4 hour period depending on class size and discussion.

  • A maximum of five couples is advisable

why become a baby rocks parentcraft mentor?

The Baby ROCKS Parentcraft Mentor programme is a complete and comprehensive parenting educator programme approved and accredited by IICT. We approach parenting with the belief that one size does not fit all and we want to help parents make their own path on their journey.

You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!

Who is this for?

Training is open to everyone but may be of particular interest to: Doulas; Midwives; Birth activists; Hypnobirthers; Mothers; Teachers; Baby Massage Instructors; Pregnancy Yoga Teachers; Breastfeeding consultants; Sling wearing consultants; Life coaches; Massage Therapists and in fact anyone who loves pregnancy, birth and babies! No experience is necessary and we will give you everything you need to become certified and work as a BRA registered or independent (under your own brand) birth and baby professional.

Baby rocks in the press

Cheryl’s birth mentoring and perinatal yoga teaching, have been featured on BBC Two Dragons’ Den and also ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. She has been working with pregnant and birthing women for over ten years (including Birth ROCKS sessions with celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud) and has trained extensively in antenatal education, birth hypnosis and perinatal yoga, amongst other holistic therapies.  BRA has featured in publications such as HELLO!, OK!, The Practising Midwife, The Green Parent, Juno, Mother & Baby Magazine and much more. 

Take a peek at me on BBC’s Dragons’ Den or on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Holly Willoughby...

what does the training course cover?

module one

Initial care following birth

module two

Growing baby 0 – 6 weeks

module three

Hands on baby care

module four

Postnatal care of mum and family life

Each area has an in depth look at what parents can expect and what they can do to ease the transition to parenthood.  You will be provided all the up-to-date and relevant information from Birth Rocks Academy that will enable you to confidently facilitate a Baby ROCKS course.  All modules will be sent to you as an on-line format, in addition for module 3 you will be provided with a video link demonstrating the “hands on baby care”.

how is the course taught?

The course consists of a number of home study and online elements including video, audio, downloads and a reading list and exams to consolidate your learning. You can take as long as you like to complete your studies and there will be on-going support throughout the course through our teachers’ forum and through email. We say roughly between 1 and 3 months to complete all coursework, reading and assignments, depending on how confident you are in the subject area. You will also have a reading list of books and articles, online tests to complete and videos to watch. We say roughly between 1 and 3 months to complete all coursework, reading and assignments, depending on how confident you are in the subject area. You will also have a reading list of books and articles, online tests to complete and videos to watch.

assessment process

You will be expected to complete the Baby ROCKS Mentor exam on-line and answer the set questions correctly to allow the BRA faculty see that you, as the Baby ROCKS mentor, have a full understanding of course content. The pass mark is 80%. You will also be asked to provide two written assignments including detailing what a baby needs to develop and grow and a reflective essay and case study on your first Baby ROCKS course.

what do i get as part of my training package?

When you join BRA, you will immediately gain access to all of the manuals and teaching tools you need as well. You also become a RBM Registered Baby ROCKS Parentcraft Mentor and gain access to all of your materials from the mentors area. Everything you need is on-line, please no that no hard copy materials are provided. You can also choose to become a YogaBellies Global Licensed Teacher. Find out more about what this can do for you here!

Study online and get your accreditation from your living room right now! 

Our world recognised parentcraft qualification, enables you to work with expectant parents in your area as a Registered Baby ROCKS Parentcraft Mentor. 

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Become a baby rocks parent craft mentor

    1. Overview

    1. Unit One: Welcome To Baby Rocks!

    1. Unit One: Hello Baby! Initial Care Following Birth

    2. Unit Two: References

    1. Unit One: Growing Baby

    2. Unit Two: References

    1. Unit One: Picking Up And Holding Baby

    2. Unit Two: Nappy Changing

    3. Unit Three: Infant Feeding

    4. Unit Four: Bathing And Dressing Baby

    5. Unit Five: References

    1. Unit One: Post Natal Care: Initial Care And Physical Well Being

    2. Unit Two: Post C-Section Care

    3. Unit Three: Mental Health And Well Being

    4. Unit Four: Post Natal Relationships And Contraception

    5. Unit Five: References

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